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Our professionals are trained to work with customers throughout the design process. We can build many different types of pergolas San Diego, including Florida rooms that allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without having the wind and rain blow in all over them. These designs include glass windows placed on top of a roof so that there is no need for head protection when enjoying nature’s beauty under this type of structure.

If you’re considering having a pergola built, we encourage you to take some time and look over the various designs as well as the materials available to choose from. We offer a wide range of color choices and different types of roofing materials for your pergolas in San Diego. These include lightweight steel roofs but are very strong and durable; they can be painted or left their rustic natural color depending on your preference. 

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Our pergola San Diego expert will also consider how much wind or rain will be coming in whichever direction, depending on where your property is located.

Designers will make recommendations based on how strong a wind condition can get in your region and how hot or cold it gets in various seasons of the year to make sure your home’s new addition brings maximum comfort all year long.

Much like other types of roofing material, there are different grades of aluminum that are used. The most common grades are .050, .063, and .080, measured by how thick it is in inches. As the numbers get more significant, the pergola gets thicker and more vital to better handle high wind speeds or heavy storms.

Clients also have a choice between open and closed roofs when building pergolas San Diego homes. A closed-top will provide homeowners with more privacy than an open one though it may not let in quite as much light because the sun is blocked out by all that extra material still hanging overhead. When determining what type of roof would work best,  you’ll need to consider what you intend for your pergola area. Closed-tops are great for spaces where people plan to relax and enjoy the shade, but sunny areas with open tops allow more natural light to shine through while still providing some protection from the elements.

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Designers recommend choosing the next highest grade if your home has a lot of direct sunlight or is situated in an area where strong winds are expected.

Before rush shopping around for the best price on aluminum pergolas, make sure you talk to interior designers before finalizing any decisions. They can help determine which design will fit your property the best and help explain why some pergolas may cost more than others.

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A contractor in this region should know how to use different materials, including trusses and cables, to secure any outdoor patio additions underneath the pergola properly.